Seven Reasons to Add Swimming Pool Enclosures

After investing in a beautiful pool space, many Florida homeowners wonder if adding pool enclosures will make a difference. At Conner Exteriors, we know that they make a huge impact and add a lot of value. Swimming pool enclosures protect your pool on all sides and add a level of comfort to your outdoor space.

Pool enclosures bring more than just beauty to your outdoor space. From safety to sun protection and everything in between, here are our top seven reasons to add Florida an enclosure to your pool.

swimming pool and hot tub with a pool enclosure that overlooks a lake

Pool Enclosures Increase Your Pool Safety and Home Security

Let’s start with safety. Many homeowners choose pool enclosures as a safety barrier to meet Florida pool safety standards, and for good reason. Pool enclosures completely surround your pool, preventing accidents. Homeowners with pool enclosures have peace of mind knowing their pool is safely blocked from wandering kids and pets.

Additionally, a pool enclosure adds a layer of protection around your outdoor space, keeping furniture and other things from being stolen or tampered with.

Cool Your Pool With Sun Protection From Pool Enclosures

Florida is called the Sunshine State for good reason! Here, the sun’s rays are damaging and uncomfortable, heating up even the most enjoyable outdoor activities. A pool enclosure can limit or completely eliminate direct sunlight on your pool space, so you can customize your sun exposure while you swim and sunbathe. Use your pool enclosure to cool down concrete areas, create shady places to swim, or cover a hot slide. The possibilities are endless.

pool surrounded by a screen pool enclosure

A Pool Enclosure Will Keep Pests and Bugs Out

Add a pool enclosure and enjoy putting less work into cleaning your pool! Screens around your pool keep bugs and pets away from the pool water, keeping it cleaner longer. A roof over your pool can also protect it from leaves and other debris from tall trees or windy storms.

Pool Enclosures Add Living Space To Your Home

Having a protected pool space that you love adds living space to your home. Being able to use and enjoy your pool with protection from the sun during the day or the benefit of ambient overhead lighting at night can feel like you added a whole new room to your house. Pool enclosures also open the door to protected outdoor kitchens, dining areas, bars, and more, so install one and start making the most of your outdoor space.

Covered Pools Inhibit Algae Growth

By covering your pool and preventing continual sunlight, a pool enclosure can inhibit algae growth and keep your pool cleaner for longer periods of time.

exterior shot of a screen pool enclosure with a pool and hot tub inside

A Custom Pool Enclosure Will Increase Privacy

Your pool enclosure can blur or completely block the view of your pool however you want. Add privacy for comfortable sunbathing or to keep nosy neighbors for joining in on your swim!

Pool Enclosures Increase the Value of Your Home

Having a pool enclosure adds value to your home and makes it desirable for future buyers interested in a safe, shaded pool space. Having a pool enclosure is a smart investment to make if you ever plan on selling your home.

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