Top Reasons to Add a Carport or Covered Walkway

Florida’s sun, hurricanes, and all the weather in between can be brutal to anything you keep outside, like a car, grill, or other belongings. If you don’t have an attached garage or storage space, adding a carport or covered walkway can be an easy home improvement option.

Carports and covered walkways provide protection for your vehicle and outdoor belongings from unpredictable weather at an affordable price. With many material and style options, Conner Exteriors creates seamless add-ons that enhance the look and value of your home. Here are the top reasons why homeowners choose to add covered shelters to their homes.

Protection from Heat

Cars left outside during the summer, or even year-round in Florida, reach extreme and sometimes even dangerous temperatures. Avoid the uncomfortable sting of getting in an overheated car by shielding it from the sun. Carport structures not only provide shade, but they also protect your vehicles from sun-inflicted cosmetic and mechanical damage. 

In addition to providing a cooler and safer area to store your personal property, carport structures create a seamless, extended outdoor living space. Protection from the sun can transform your driveway or sidewalk into a relaxing area to spend time outdoors grilling or working on projects. 

aluminum carport on side of house

Protection from Storm and Hail Damage

When the sun isn’t shining, other weather can cause damage to outdoor items as well. Carports and covered walkways not only provide protection to your personal property, but they also cover you, your family, and visitors from the weather. 

Aside from rain and wind, storms can bring unwanted and unexpected hail damage. By investing in a carport structure, you can save yourself the stress and money of repairs and replacements of your outdoor belongings, especially because those damages aren’t covered by standard insurance plans. 


Building a carport or covered walkway can enhance the overall value of your home. Potential buyers see carports and walkways as a convenient feature to protect their family and their vehicles from the Florida weather. This can make your property more attractive in the housing market and potentially increase the selling price if you decide to sell in the future. To make the most of this opportunity, add a covering that maintains the style of your home and is large enough to store common outdoor valuables, like grills, boats, or ATVs.Aluminum carport

Add-on structures provide your assets with protection from the weather and add value to your home. Conner Exteriors brings decades of experience and expert craftsmanship to the table to execute your dream home improvement project. With a variety of materials, options, and styles, Conner Exteriors perfectly integrates carports and covered walkways to match your home and unique needs. When you’re ready to explore elevating your home, get started by contacting Conner Exteriors for a no-pressure quote.