Is Your Home Ready for Hurricane Season?

Tropical storms can be devastating in Central Florida. High winds and heavy rainfall can wreak havoc on your home. By taking preventative measures and fortifying your home for hurricane protection, you can ensure the safety of your family and the things you hold dear.

Impact windows for Hurricane Protection

Impact Windows Offer Ultimate Hurricane Protection

Did you know that windows and doors are the most vulnerable parts of your home’s exterior during dangerous weather?

Typical windows are no match for hurricanes. Wind can accelerate to over 60 mph and heavy rain is often a package deal. When windows break in your home, you’re not only at risk for water damage, but there is also the possibility of your walls or roof collapsing due to the pressure in your home being destabilized.

Hurricane protection measures, like installing impact windows with heavy-duty, shatter resistant technology, can make all the difference in a storm.

Impact doors provide hurricane protection

Storm-Proof Your Home with Impact Doors

Not only is it advisable to install impact windows in your home as a safety precaution for hurricane season, but impact doors are just as important.

By investing in highly-rated impact doors, you are ensuring that all entry points to your home are ready to withstand a storm. Even impact doors that feature decorative glass insets are designed to be shatter-resistant, so broken glass won’t enter your home in a hurricane.

Since impact doors and windows are designed to resist heavy blows and remain intact even when objects are thrown at them, they also provide excellent protection from break-ins and theft.

Protect Your Loved Ones with Hurricane Shutters

Gone are the days of tacking plywood over your windows for hurricane protection. Central Florida residents now have the option of having hurricane shutters installed for optimal protection.

Unlike everyday window shutters, hurricane shutters are crafted to withstand intense weather conditions. Without hurricane shutters, shattered glass and flying debris have a direct pathway into your home.

Set your mind at ease and weather the storm with hurricane protection offerings from Conner Exteriors. Get a free estimate today!