Four Simple Upgrades to Improve Your Home

The beginning of the year starts with big goals and ambitious home improvement projects. Maybe you want a fresh feel by renovating the kitchen or replacing the flooring. Somehow, life gets busy and those ideas are still on hold. The good news is that you can still renovate your house with some smaller changes that make a big impact. Here are four updates to make your home feel like new.

  1. Replace your windows

Are your windows the originals from when the house was built? Over time, builder-grade windows can become drafty, hard to open, and warped as your house settles. Energy-efficient windows can greatly lower your electric bill, improve curb appeal and increase your home’s worth.

  1. Screen your pool enclosure

Your pool becomes a cool, peaceful escape during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, everything from leaves to bugs also finds its way to the water. Keep your pool and deck clean, while getting back some of the time you spend cleaning, by screening your enclosure. Adding a screen also lets you control the amount of shade you get.

  1. Add a carport cover

You can still protect your car from the extreme Florida sun and rain without a garage. Carport covers are custom designed to be natural extensions of your home. So, you can safely store and protect your grill, boat, or lawnmower in a space that fits in with your home’s style.

  1. Install new doors

Replacing doors is an easy way to upgrade the whole look of your home. But don’t stop at just the front door. Side doors, back doors, and patio doors all contribute to the feel of the house. Not only do new doors look better, but they are more energy-efficient and protect your house from the weather.


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