Why You Should Replace Your Siding Before Winter

Winter is coming. Now is the time to prepare your home for harsh weather conditions. You can be proactive by replacing your old siding with new vinyl siding. Here are a few reasons to upgrade.

Vinyl Siding: An Affordable Option

Almost every homeowner will have to replace their siding eventually. The good news is, vinyl siding is more affordable than standard wood.

Not only is it less expensive to purchase and install, it also requires very little maintenance. Unlike other options, vinyl siding does not need to be repainted after an extended period of time. You’re also less likely to experience splitting or cracking compared to wood siding.

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Sturdy and Long Lasting

Wood siding has been trusted by homeowners for many years, but vinyl is rising in popularity due to its ease of installation and ability to withstand harsh conditions.

It has proven to hold up against moisture, ice and hail damage, high winds, warping, rusting, and corrosion. It’s also termite resistant.

When it comes to installing siding, it’s critical to have an experienced contractor, like Conner. They’ll ensure the product is installed correctly and that your siding will withstand the elements.

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Energy Efficient

As the outside temperature begins to drop, you’ll want to keep your home warm and your electricity bill low. If your current siding is letting warm air out and inviting cold air in, it’s time for a replacement.

Vinyl siding is often compared to stone and brick in terms of energy efficiency and durability. The man-made product is built to keep your home well insulated and dry no matter the weather. Don’t be surprised if you see a drop in your electricity bill after installation.

While traditional vinyl siding offers outstanding insulation on its own, some homeowners may opt for insulated if they live in areas with extreme temperatures.

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