3 Types of Screen Enclosures

As the weather starts to get nice outside, you may want to spend more time outdoors. But how can you enjoy the sun and breeze without also dealing with bugs and leaves? A screen enclosure may be the answer you’re looking for! To help you figure out the best way to add a screened-in area to your home, here are three types of screen enclosures explained.

Screen room with roof

Type #1: Screen room that already has a roof

A screened-in area that is built using the main roof is called an under-truss screen room or a screened-in lanai. You may see this if you or your neighbor have a screened front porch. Screen panels and a door are added in between the house’s columns or walls. This type of screen enclosure is typically the most cost-effective out of the three types because it uses the pre-existing roof and structures.

Pool enclosure overlooking a lake

Type #2: Screen enclosure with a screen roof

A screen enclosure with a screen roof, like a pool enclosure, is an extension of the main roof. The whole structure is made with an aluminum frame with screen panels. Some two-story houses have a screen enclosure that covers both stories This is a good option when you want to enjoy the outdoors without the bugs but don’t need the coverage of a roof.

Screen room with aluminum roof

Type #3: Screen room created with an aluminum roof

One way to create or extend the size of a back patio is to install a screen enclosure with an aluminum roof. A great area for a patio table and chairs, a screenroom gives you and your family a way to enjoy being outside while being under cover from the elements.

A screened-in patio, lanai, pool enclosure, or screen room are all additions that add value to your home while letting you enjoy the best parts of Florida weather. If you need help planning your screen enclosure, contact us today for a free quote!